Yavoriv toy that decorated the main Christmas tree of the Vatican, I want to make in the register of UNESCO

Яворивскую игрушку, которая украшала главную елку Ватикана, хотят внести в реестр ЮНЕСКО

Along with these traditional wooden fishing town in the Lviv region intend to submit to UNESCO and jaworowski pie

The idea and some preparatory work for its implementation has been conducted in previous years. And in February on Yavorivske already worked as the regional Commission, which studied this question. Now is the first Deputy Chairman of the Lviv regional administration, which may indicate a seriousness of intent.

As reported in the Lviv regional state administration, on 3 July in Domazhyr on Yavorivske held a meeting of the expert community, which gave a start to the process of assigning status and submitting documents to UNESCO. It was attended by representatives of LOGA and Yavoriv administration, the tourism industry of the region, the Director of the local Museum, as well as Chairman of the expert Council on issues of intangible cultural heritage, Ilya Fetisov (photo) and doctor of historical Sciences, co-founder of the Club of Galician Cuisine Igor Leela.

“Yavorivskyi have something to show the world, something to brag about. We should be able to preserve, develop and sell, luring us Ukrainian and foreign tourists. Our Department of culture carried out the first monitoring steps, we filled in the registration card, i.e. take complex paper and legal work, we will support financially the entire registration process and also will provide all the coordination and part of the promotion”, – said Yuriy Cold.

As noted in the comments Espreso historian Igor Leela has all the chances of success. But it should be understood that the process can continue for a long time. Lions, for example, to get into the list of monuments of UNESCO, spent about 10 years, and it is the work of several mayors.

“It is good that this meeting took place because on it I first saw a close-knit circle of people, public authorities, craftsmen and businesses who want to do it, – said Igor Leela. – This is important because every stakeholder has its own responsibilities. Private entrepreneurs, Housewives and craftsmen have long wanted such registration. Now they are ready to join the public authorities, because they will submit all the documents. It is also good that this list includes non-governmental organizations such as the Club of Galician cuisine. All together they can actively, efficiently, quickly and most importantly to promote this process. But now the case is entirely vertical of power”.

The historian also stressed that the first part of Ukraine needs to do, and only after that you can appeal to UNESCO:

“Organizationally it looks at first the regional authority prepares and submits documents to Kiev. There everything is considered at the governmental level, and then here send the Commission of the expert Council on issues of intangible cultural heritage, the Chairman of which is remotely present at the meeting. If all is considered and properly executed, the first of these monuments recognizes the state of Ukraine, only then submits the documents to UNESCO. And the government has committed itself to ensuring that all procedures necessary for recognition at the state level this year.

This is the road for many years. Or to start it and to finish or not to undertake it. In my speech I noted that the people in power change, but those that are now running, you can start a program that will work for ten years and has all chances to succeed. But most importantly, it had continuity, and continued to be implemented, regardless of who is the Chairman of the regional state administration”.

In the LOG said that to get to the list of intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine Yavoriv toy and jaworowski pie can before the end of the year. The corresponding meeting of the Commission of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine to be held in October 2020.

Igor Leela, as a historian, studying the tradition of Galician cuisine, believes that in the first place, it is possible to provide jaworowski pie status geographically specific product:

“We are talking about getting jaworowski pie such thing as a geographically specific product. In Ukraine already there are precedents of granting such status. It Hutsul brynza, Melitopol cherry, now we are working on creating a brand Kherson watermelon. And in the same direction will move with the pie, observing certain procedures and requirements”.

As for the Yavoriv toys, there are also a lot done. In 2011, it was decorated the main Christmas tree of the Vatican, which was a good promotion of Ukraine and this industry.

Also last year, the national Bank of Ukraine put into circulation three commemorative silver coins with the image of Yavoriv toys.

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