“Yellow jackets” defeated the temple of the Freemasons in France

"Желтые жилеты" разгромили храм масонов во Франции

Participants of protest movement “yellow jackets” during demonstrations Saturday defeated the Masonic Lodge “Great East of France” in the French city of Tarbes. On Sunday the newspaper reported, “Dispatches”.

According to her, late in the evening the protesters approached the building of the organization and have to throw the facade of different objects. At this time, one of the protesters climbed over the fence and opened the gate from the inside. Entering into the building, the demonstrators were arranged in it pogrom, breaking furniture and smashing glass. One of the rioters took out from the Lodge of the four sword, which lay on the window sill of a nearby building.

In fact under investigation. The Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic of Christoph Castaner compared the incident with acts of violence against Jews. “After the Jews – Franco-masons. When the folly of competing with the dirtiest intolerance”, – he said.

According to the interior Ministry in the 17-th of a nationwide wave of protest of the “yellow jackets” in the country participated 28.6 thousand people.