“Yellow jackets”: the situation is heating up

"Жёлтые жилеты": ситуация накаляется

The fourth mass action of protest of the “yellow jackets” in Paris has already led to mass arrests and the situation is heating up with each passing hour.

“The situation here on the Champs Elysees is pretty intense, says our correspondent, Annliz Borges. In the last hours the police were forced to spray tear gas against demonstrators. The gas cloud is slowly moving in our direction. What is happening in Paris this week does not compare with what we saw last weekend. Then the police prevented attempts “yellow jackets” to go to the Elysian fields, but now the guards keep them on the main street of Paris to those unable to get to other parts of the city. The demonstrators tried to break through to the arc de Triomphe, but there is a cordon, and the police were able to restrain angry people heading to the South of it and the Concorde. The authorities are extremely strict with all who flock to the Champs-élysées. The documents are checked and bags.

“This is not normal!”

About as comment on what is happening in the centre of Paris, many demonstrators. According to them, they came here to peacefully protest, but the police did not allow them to do so. The French authorities, including the Prime Minister, have recently called on those who are going to participate in the demonstration to behave peacefully, but according to the “yellow jackets” the guards do everything possible to prevent this”, – concluded Annliz Borges.

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