Yes or no: Suprun has refuted the popular myth about eggs – 24 Channel

Їсти чи ні: Супрун спростувала популярний міф про яйця - 24 Канал

Eggs not always considered useful product. Doctors and nutritionists believed that they were harmful because of cholesterol and advised them to abandon or minimize consumption of to prevent cardiovascular diseases. So, eggs contain cholesterol, but it does not make them harmful, so you eat eggs.

This was written C. a. the Minister of health Suprun on his page in Facebook.

But it is not! Eggs contain almost all vitamins as well as iron, protein and healthy fats rare, particularly choline. They are useful for healthy eyes, skin, hair, liver and brain.

According to one study, people who consume one egg a day are 18% less risk of cardiovascular disease and a 28% chance to survive a hemorrhagic stroke.

Cholesterol is one of the varieties of fats. It is necessary for brain function, hormone production, function, digestion and many other processes
explained Suprun.


One medium egg contains about 186 mg of cholesterol (62% of the daily value, which can range from 100 to 300 mg). Basically, the cholesterol contained in the yolk, and the protein is mostly protein.

To get the maximum benefit from eggs, should:

– have boiled eggs or poached eggs but not fry them or eat raw;

– do not Supplement their harmful products (sausages, bacon or lard);

– combine with other healthy food (branny bread, greens, various vegetables, herring, and oil).

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