Yoga beer the Germans drink in the Lotus position

Пивная йога: немцы пьют в позе лотоса

Yoga and beer are compatible? Beer yoga followers do not doubt it. DW reporter went to the lesson under the guidance of German yoga brewer.

Welcome to the beer yoga, the only yoga, which can occur a hangover. Come here to relax, drink beer and to sit in the Lotus position. Beer yoga appeared in the US and quickly caught on in Germany, where beer special treatment. In many German cities opened a group of fans the beer yoga. DW reporter Ksenia Safronova decided to find out how the courses with a bottle in his hand, and went on trial practice in Bonn.

Yoga for beer lovers

These yogis are going into the Studio on Saturdays. While I think that physical activity and alcohol are incompatible. In this group, the participants clearly think otherwise – we all know each other and, apparently, beer is often practiced yoga. Yes, men are noticeably more than girls.

Before beginning practice the teacher gives special rubber coasters beer and gives everyone a bottle of chilled drink. “First of all I want to explain why doing this: for two years I taught yoga and brew their own beer. During yoga I sometimes drink beer and notice, how my physical and mental state. I want to feel you,” says the teacher. After a week of sweltering heat, many can not wait to open a cool bottle. Finally, one participant said: “I Have a hangover, yesterday I broke up with my girlfriend. You can already start?”

Beer yoga: guide for beginners

The rules are very simple: the cost of classes is already part of a pint. Want more? On the floor is a bag with a chilled beer during the practice wishing to take a Supplement, you need to pay after. Today’s Beers of local production. Almost all the poses here are performed with a bottle in his hand, and the most advanced can drink during asanas. You can laugh, to fall, to drink with the neighbors on the Mat.

Instead of a short meditation at the beginning of the lesson the teacher proposes to consider the origin of the beer: “Pay attention to the label. This beer is not only water, malt, hops and yeast, but also out of love. Now take a SIP and imagine how to grow hops before you get to this bottle.” After a few rounds of “sun salutation” (a set of exercises to warm up) we declare that we welcomed the sun, and beer. In addition, we thanked the heavens for a good harvest.

Start with balances. Typically, these poses performed at the end of class, but after a couple of bottles hardly anyone will be able to keep the balance. I only think about how not to drop the slippery bottle on the floor. It seems that the most difficult posture behind, but Yog-brewer shows new exercise: you need to get around on tiptoe Mat and clink with the other party. We do a few laps. Of course, every time you need to drink. After this arduous task beer yoga are drawn to the bag in the refrigerator for more. I think someone in the last row has already opened the third bottle and the first loses balance.

Drunken meditation

At the end of practice the teacher tells how brews beer with friends, and promises to bring a new variety next time. He is a real fan of yoga and beer was in the classroom not only in Berlin but in the United States. Now we can lie down in Shavasana, that is, to do nothing, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. While I’m mentally trying to fight off sleep, a beer yogi in the last row begins to snore. Meditation breaks down, and the teacher offers to Wake him up with the mantra “Om”.

I do yoga for several years, but after an hour of this practice felt incredible fatigue. First, the coach was not mistaken, and the status has indeed changed. In the heat had only one beer, not to cope with the basic poses. Secondly, hands unusually heavy bottle, and sleepy. These classes – an option more for those who do not want to seriously practice yoga. And this is an opportunity to drink beer in an unusual setting. By the way, after the exhausting training session, the participants decided to stay – not take it as neviete beer back.

Пивная йога: немцы пьют в позе лотоса

Пивная йога: немцы пьют в позе лотоса