Yoga for beginners: where to begin

Йога для новичков: с чего лучше начать

Although many people have an interest in yoga, this exotic practice raises many questions. Most of us think that yoga is some sort of hard task where you are forced to chant mantras, eat fire, and to worship elephants. We will help to dispel stereotypes and learn to obtain pleasure from activities.

1. Select the style. In yoga a variety of styles. They sound too wise for the unprepared listener, but do not be afraid of such a large number of directions, because in the end, thanks to this variety you can choose something ideal for you. Some people prefer power practice, someone esoteric, someone dynamics – do not think that yoga is only about stretching. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment because you never know what you’ll like.

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2. Study regularly. In yoga, the main thing – regularity. The rule is to practice yoga intensively at least twice a week and two or three times to perform a 15-minute sequence of asanas for Nosikov. Even those who considered themselves inflexible piece of wood, a taste and wonder to her body.

3. Buy everything you need. You may need a nice form – beautiful always nicer to have and you will also need a yoga Mat. If you’re at home, it is useful to buy candles, incense, which will create a relaxed atmosphere for practice. And of course, props for yoga, which will help you to perform asanas correctly and easily.

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4. Find a kindred spirit. Probably in your environment already someone doing yoga or as well as you want to start. Starting something new is always easier with someone – it increases the effectiveness of training and motivation.

5. Do not drink water during practice. Yoga is not fitness, there is no need to drink (with the exception of classes at Kundalini), as she gets on badly with most of the asanas. It is better to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before class and a glass after.

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