You can be left with nothing: PrivatBank arrest means Ukrainians

Можно остаться ни с чем: ПриватБанк арестовывает средства украинцев

Customer PrivatBank has complained that the financial institution is left without a livelihood. This was reported on the website was the richest among the Europeans. The client explained that PrivatBank was arrested on account by order of the bailiff.

“Under arrest, and got a map on which a salary is the only source of income for me and my family (daughter 7 years and a disabled husband with no lower limbs without pension rights and social benefits). All of the questions the Bank offers to settle the issue with the contractor, which is located in the city of Kiev, and I am registered and reside in the city of Kharkiv. By phone, the contractor demanded a certificate stating that this map does my salary. Upon receipt of the required document, it refers to the fact that the installation was prescribed the seizure of all accounts, except as provided by law”, – stated in the message.

On the hotline PrivatBank the man explained that lawyers not chewed, what accounts provided by the law to be arrested. This suggests that the Bank gives priority to the resolution of a private contractor, and not the Ukrainian Constitution and other laws, clinging to the phrase, and shifting the responsibility. And at this time for payment order from that account may be debited in full as the phone I sounded PrivatBank employee under the personnel number 292716 (his name is not called).

“It turns out you contribute to the unlawful debiting of funds violate the constitutional rights of the person left without a livelihood. Think about it, learn to respect your customer not to close our eyes to the problems of people arguing that something is written. Did not expect this from a Bank that has always occupied a leading position in the financial market” – sums up the client.