“You can compare with arsenic”: these products are dangerous to be microwaved

«Можно сравнить с мышьяком»: эти продукты опасно греть в микроволновке

Dietitian Elena Solomatina told Evening Moscow about products that cannot be heated in a microwave oven.

The ban stems from the fact that microwaves in microwave ovens transfer energy to the water contained in food, so the liquid turns into vapor. Thus, for example, can explode the egg, because the gaseous state of water will exert pressure on the shell.

Also, do not heat up in the microwave the water, because in such circumstances it heats up evenly and boil instantly, causing people at risk to burns, said the doctor.

The explosion may be subject to any tightly closed container or product with a solid shell – all risks becoming a “bomb”.

Nutritionist advises not to heat in a microwave oven fruits and berries, so they don’t lose vitamin C. Apples are better baked in the oven or make in the skin incisions.

The expert drew attention to the fact that cooking in the microwave deprives the products of useful properties, and some substances actually become poisonous.

“It is impossible to heat anything that contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. Unrefined oils oxidize and become carcinogenic. So do not try to microwave the seeds to roast, they will not be useful,” explains Solomatin.

Greens and root vegetables: spinach, parsley, celery, sorrel, beet, radishes, carrots – contain nitrates, when heated, turning into a toxic compound nitrosamines.

Do not use the microwave to heat the supercooled diet drinks because the artificial sweetener in them turns into harmful formaldehyde.

“You can compare him with arsenic. It is so serious that, in case a similar warm beverage you drink a small child, is possible a lethal outcome”, – says the expert.

Specialist also advises not to warm up in a microwave oven breast milk of unsaturated fatty acids which can be modified. In addition, dairy products are killed beneficial bacteria.

According to nutritionist, it is not necessary to re-chill thawed in the microwave fish or meat, since the products quickly deteriorate.