You can make at home: the perfect recipe for the face cream for women 35+

Можно приготовить дома: рецепт идеального крема для лица для женщин 35+

Leather especially clearly betrays signs of aging, so many feel the need to take special care of her, including using professional cosmetics. Yes, the world’s leading laboratories are spending billions no wonder the budgets for the development of new creams with active components, but a good result can be achieved with home remedies. Especially the recipe for the face cream is suitable for those who for whatever reasons want to abandon cosmetics, produced by industrial methods – then these creams will be the only option.

The recipe for face cream at home Know. ia is divided into material-based Instagram account “tips”.


100 g of cream

A raw egg yolk from chicken eggs

One tablespoon of liquid honey

Teaspoon lemon juice

Two dessert spoons of brandy

Mix thoroughly all components and every day and in the evening, apply to clean washed face. After about an hour rinse with warm water and after it does not smear. The cream should be stored in the refrigerator in a glass container, however, please note – since all its ingredients are natural, its shelf life is very small.

Although the ingredients of the cream are natural, they can still cause an allergic reaction or other negative effects, so be careful with your skin and, if possible, consult your doctor.