You can never take the Ukraine out of my soul: Svitolina boasted Patriotic photo

Вы никогда не сможете забрать Украину из души моей: Свитолина похвасталась патриотическим фото

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina has posted a Patriotic picture in Instagram. And added to it no less Patriotic signature.

On the photo Elina posing with the Cup with the picture of the Trident.

“Little Ukrainian sentiment for you. Maybe I’m not spending enough time in Ukraine, but you will never take her from my soul”, – signed photo of Svitolina.

Elina Svitolina little time happens in Ukraine. The player spends a lot of time at tournaments abroad. She is preparing for competitions. In early 2019 the scandal when Elina refused to play for Ukraine. She later explained this decision in recovering from damage sustained during the tournament in Australia.