“You have no right!” In “Aydar” denied the sensational appeals to Zelensky

''Не имеют права!'' В ''Айдаре'' открестились от нашумевшего обращения к Зеленскому

In the battalion “Aydar”, said that a video appeal of the volunteers to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, distributed in the network, is not their official position.

A detailed explanation is published on the official page of the 24th individual assault battalion of the armed forces of Ukraine “Aydar”.

“Now in the media and on the Internet are complaints of persons on behalf of the battalion “Aydar”. Please be informed that these people currently are not current members of the battalion and do not perform tasks in OOS. It should be noted that the battalion continues to perform the duties to defend the Fatherland in the area of the OOS, to bear the loss. Therefore, persons who at this period are not in military service and do not perform combat tasks, have no right to make an appeal on behalf of the battalion “Aidar”, as well as to raise funds and to use the name of the battalion for their own purposes”, – is spoken in the message.

Recall, the above video allegedly fighters of “Aydar” make demands to the President about returning of the Ukrainian citizenship odious third President of Georgia to Mikheil Saakashvili. Similar rhetoric presented in the post ex-ATO member Valentina Liolita. It also referred to the recent staff appointments Zelensky in the power structures.

However, even in the comments under the sensational treatment of people resent the fact that former fighters allow themselves to make statements on behalf of the current composition of the “Aydar”.

“Let’s go back Yanukovych, Azirova and other “patriots” who are in “exile.” Guys, are you not ashamed before the memory of the victims, shame on you”, “How can I apply on behalf of the “Aydar” if you are not there?” – outraged Ukrainians.

  • On 28 may President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky returned to the leader of the movement “movement novih forces,” the third President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa regional administration to Mikheil Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship.
  • 22 Sep Mostytsky district court of Lviv region called on Saakashvili to plead guilty to illegal border crossing.

''Не имеют права!'' В ''Айдаре'' открестились от нашумевшего обращения к Зеленскому

''Не имеют права!'' В ''Айдаре'' открестились от нашумевшего обращения к Зеленскому