“You need to lose weight”: fans mercilessly criticized Beyonce

"Надо похудеть": фанаты безжалостно раскритиковали Бейонсе

American pop diva Beyonce surprised the audience with the outrageous outfit that she wore on traditional brunch her husband Jay-Z in Los Angeles. Musician usually organizes an annual meeting on the last Saturday before the Grammys. New images of a popular singer has published on his page on Instagram, reports ONLINE.UA.

To release the singer from her husband picked similar clothes of pastel shades.

The beauty posed in watercolor asymmetrical dress from Balmain with a slouchy shoulder. Her look was competed by a bright high-heeled sandals with the letter “B”. Made Beyonce look sunglasses and precious diamond earrings.However, the attention of fans attracted not only outfit the pop diva, but a few extra pounds that were hard not to notice.

“Beyonce you have little to lose; we must not forget about the figure when you’re a worldwide star; she’s a simple person and the extra weight is quite normal; elegant way, but it wouldn’t hurt to lose 5-6 pounds; she is always charming,” write the fans in the comments to the photo.