You will not want to miss: the British airline announced the flight from the LGBT crew – 24 Channel

Ви не захочете його пропустити: британська авіакомпанія анонсувала рейс з ЛГБТ-екіпажем - 24 Канал

British airline Virgin Atlantic announced the launch of the flight, the crew of which will include only representatives of the LGBT community.

This pride-the Virgin Atlantic flight was announced on the occasion of the 50th anniversary Convalesce uprising, which is considered the beginning of the movement for LGBT rights, writes The Guardian.

Pilots and flight attendants this would be the only representatives of the LGBT community.

Passengers on Board to entertain an American actor and singer Ttus Borges, who is openly gay. Also planned speed Dating and performances.

Pride flight is scheduled for June 28, 2019 from London to new York. The ticket price starts from 380 pounds.

Watch the video announcement of “pride”-flight from Virgin Atlantic:


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