You’d be surprised how many adopted laws – Kuprienko told about the plans of the failed coalition

Вы бы удивились, сколько приняли законов, - Куприенко рассказал о планах несостоявшейся коалиции

The party of Petro Poroshenko would have to leave the coalition after his defeat in the elections. The faction then formed a new and finally passed the necessary laws that were blocked by the administration of the previous President. Now, however, it is not possible to make a decree on the dissolution of Parliament.

This was on the sidelines of the LCP, where I broadcast the ZIK TV channel said the MP Oleg Kuprienko.

He said: in may, was convinced that the party of Petro Poroshenko, after his defeat in the elections should leave the coalition. Like, if they lost, then picked the wrong course.

“We really had the intention to create a new coalition and to adopt a number of necessary state laws – open electoral lists, 35 economic projects ready for consideration, are in BP. They galavaris administration Poroshenko because broke schemes and corrupt deals,” said Kuprienko.

He said: if you have the right to form a new coalition, the leaders of factions and groups would gather and immediately start talking about what needs to be done.

“You’d be surprised by the amount of bills that BP would have taken if it were not for the brawl continues. Bothers to do the President’s decree on early elections. I am convinced that the decree is unconstitutional. The majority of the deputies, knowing how to put pressure on the court, and how, at times, the courts decide in favor of the authorities, went to prepare for elections in their districts and conferences”, – said Kuprienko.

He said: many bills become laws if not for the blocking by the Administration of the previous President.

“We would have gone down in history as the Parliament which passed a number of laws, necessary for the development of economy, improve the quality of life, salaries and pensions, and the content of the budget. Believe me, I know whereof I speak” – persuaded Oleg Kuprienko.