Young Ukrainian Kateryna Bech won the second consecutive gold at the world Championships

Юная украинка Екатерина Бех выиграла второе подряд золото на чемпионате мира по биатлону

During the pursuit at the Junior world Championships biathlon in Brezno-Osrblie Ukrainian Kateryna Bech has won a gold award. Thus it has established a unique achievement for Ukraine.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian is started first (before she won the sprint), Catherine beh almost at the start lost their advantage. And later during the first shooting he had made a blunder. But it managed to change during the second shooting. Thus in leaders there was not only Catherine beh, but another Ukrainian Anna Krivonos, who also shot clean.

On the third firing line Bech newly made one mistake. Much worse things went in Kryvonos – two shots miss.

But beh was able to hold the lead. And has confirmed the attack on victory when I shot clean for the fourth firing line. It helped, because in the last round, her lead over the German by Hannah Kesinger was only fifteen seconds. But to finish Ukrainka their advantage only increased.

Catherine Bech won and became twice world champion among juniors. The first in the history of the Ukrainian biathlon. German Hannah Kubinger finished only second. The third was the representative of France Sophie Sova.

As for the rest of Ukrainians, but Anna Krivonos, earning two racks four penalty, she fell back in the second dozen. So she finished only 17th. Valeriya Dmitrenko and Anna Kovalenko, finished close to each other, in the 29th and 35th positions.

In the overall standings of the Junior IBU Cup Catherine beh came in second place, reducing the distance from the leader, the Germans Hannah Kubinger, to 33 points. In addition, at the world Championships Katia scored the most points among all athletes in the three races, and, according to the new rules of the IBU, receives their personal quota for the final adult stage of the world Cup which will be held in late March in the Norwegian Holmenkollen.

Prosecution. Juniors
1. Catherine Beh (1+0+1+0) 31:23,8
2. Hannah Kubinger (0+1+0+0) +9,1
3. Sophie Sovo (0+1+0+2) +16,4

17. Anna Krivonos (1+0+2+2) +1:35,5
29. Valeria Dmitrenko (0+1+1+1) +2:42,5
35. Anna Kovalenko (0+0+2+1) +3:13,6

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