Your Inbox is in the list. What is it and how to behave

Ваш почтовый ящик находится в списке. Что это такое и как себя вести

I think you already noticed that in the last few years of spam that can clog up e-mail, has become a multiple of the smaller. Impact of effective algorithms email services that specify addresses, dealing with mailings, analyze their contents and block before they anything will. However, from time to time this kind of writing still slip and due to the fact that many users have absolutely weaned from the spam e-mails, being on their content and put yourself and your data at risk. The examples are not far to seek.

A few days ago I got an email allegedly from Google, saying something like: “Your Inbox is in the list! 01.07.2020 it will be deleted!”. Despite the fact that usually anything like that I don’t get it, I well know how to recognize fraudulent emails. Usually it is enough to look closely at the address that sent the message. Almost certainly in a domain name will be used for additional words or characters with a total similarity with the original email address Google.

How to understand spam

To my surprise the address was indeed owned by Google, and it even made me think about: is it still true? But common sense prevailed and I decided to carefully re-read the letter and read every word and placing in mind the mental accents. Understanding what is happening, it’s almost immediately. I drew attention to the fact that I didn’t notice in a rush when I received a letter – first of all, the logo is the “Google Forms” through which was sent the message, and secondly, the link that was wrapped in bitly and, thirdly, to the offer to receive a gift.

That is, the sender has done everything to confuse me, and generally speaking, he did. Because the logo and address of “Google Forms” worked as it should. I really thought the sender was Google and at first did not even pay attention to the contents of the letter in addition to notification of the deletion. It is logical that the company would not contact me this way. Therefore, the remaining tests I have neglected – for your own peace and order to tell you everything. To begin, I “developed” the link, and realized that it is not on the Google website, and then went and clicked to see what would happen.

Spam in Gmail

Luckily, it turned out that this is a normal, albeit very confusing, the advertising of the lottery “sports lottery” in which I was asked to participate. Not that I was very disappointed, but still I expected to see a phishing page, where I would be required to enter a username and password from my Google account to “steal” her from me. Of course, nothing I do would the same as to register in the lottery, but the fact remains, that what I had was real spam, which managed to hide behind the logo of Google.

How to protect account from hacking

  • If you received the message with text something like that, which tried to scare me, don’t believe Google never sends such messages;
  • Never open links from suspicious emails because even a simple transition may trigger the download of the malicious file;
  • If you have received an email with a link wrapped in bitly, naguglit a service that allows you to deploy a link and see where it leads;
  • Do not enter your data (especially login and password) to third-party sites that claim to offer you to cancel the account deletion.

These tips may seem too obvious for you to follow. However, ignoring them may lead to serious problems. After all, if someone manages to get hold of access to your Google account, there is a high probability that someone will be able to control other services that you use. I’m not saying that this will allow the attacker to read your messages, view scheduled events and maybe even contact someone on your behalf.

Ваш почтовый ящик находится в списке. Что это такое и как себя вести

Ваш почтовый ящик находится в списке. Что это такое и как себя вести

Ваш почтовый ящик находится в списке. Что это такое и как себя вести