“Your time is running out”: Brezhnev had called a woman

"Ваше время на исходе": Брежневу обозвали старухой

Celebrity recalled after the age of new images.

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Vera Brezhnev shared the photos with guests. Star with no hair and make-up not made an impression on subscribers. Under the post actress turned the discussion to her appearance: users are sure that the star began to grow old.

The first signs of wilting were noticed on the face of 37-year-old Brezhnev:

“In the face shows that you are over 40!”, “Old, empty rattle”, “How cool, you’re getting old your time is running out”, “we are All not getting any younger”, “Sooner or later everyone gets old”.

The singer on criticism of ill-wishers not responding, now the star spends time in Italy, most likely in that house, who bought her husband Konstantin Meladze. Even in winter, the producer said that they purchased the mansion in a small town, where going to spend most of the time.

“With his beloved dog in his favorite suit in your favorite place with your favorite family. Happiness is”

– posted by enjoyer Brezhnev.