Youth set up a meeting-a surprise to the mayor (photo)

Молодежи устроили встречу-сюрприз с мэром (фото)

Yesterday at the youth center launched a unique youth project – “Person.” Monthly melitopoltsy aged 14-35 years old will be able to meet with personalities who have achieved in some area specific results. First live communication with young people came mayor Sergey Minko. The visit of the mayor for meeting attendees was a complete surprise – until recently it was kept secret.

The mayor for young people was the most requested figure. According to the Deputy chief of the Directorate of youth and sport Tatiana Nesvat, it guys often called in the questionnaire, indicating with whom you would like to meet most. Until recently, the identity of the guest was kept secret. Participants were given a slight hint – it’s a man, he has your account on Facebook, have received higher education and drives a black car. To keep the intrigue till the last seconds did only panoramic Windows in the center, declassified guest.

– Today the youth meets with a representative government, a man who is always interested in young people.The first person is the most popular in the queries. Subsequently, the last Friday of every month we will invite someone from any field who can share best practices of their work. – it can be an economist, a Manager, representative of the production sphere, – says Tatiana Nesvat.

All meetings will be held in the format of live communication. To get them can any representative of the youth возрастом14-35 years. The only condition – the participant has to register to the event were able to provide all the places. The next meeting will take place on February 22.