YouTube is blocking cryptocurrency bloggers: cause

YouTube блокирует криптовалютных блоггеров: причина

YouTube, one of the most popular social media platforms to share video, start to delete content associated with cryptocurrencies, even the most influential individuals in the field. It started on 23 December:

Utuber Chris Dunn (Chris Dunn), the channel which has more than 210,000 subscribers, said in Monday, December 23, that platform has removed all his videos mentioning cryptocurrencies.

After that, Dunn tweeting: “YouTube just deleted most of my videos on the cryptocurrency, stating that is “harmful or dangerous content and selling regulated goods “… for 10 years we do live, more than 200 thousand subscribers and over 7 million views. What are you guys doing TeamYouTube?! “

YouTube: the Grinch who stole cryptocurrency

In addition to Dunn on Christmas eve, with the same problem 24 Dec faced Bills Robert (Robert Beadles), a leading YouTube channel Crypto Beadles having more 89,3 thousand subscribers. He wrote a tweet that YouTube temporarily banned him.

“Hey, people! YouTube YTCreators us for some time closed. Free content where never take a penny for any of the content is bad? We will post a message in my Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. God bless! censorship youtube bitcoin”.

It is worth noting that YouTube-page Crypto Beadles working again, other influential persons are a little less fortunate.

Utuber Ivan Tech, which had more than 210,000 subscribers, also suffered from the ban. On his account was banned and all his videos were blocked, as a “precaution.” He said:

“It is an attack not only on cryptocurrencies, but in General the concept of freedom of speech. Centralized platform become too large and powerful for their own good, and their policy will lead to the fact that decentralized platforms will win.”

In the tweet from December 24, Omar bham, a Tibetan drama (Omar Bham) released an updated list of all the victims of youtubers that have recently been banned for scriptcontent.

Why YouTube removes cryptanalytic content?

YouTube has yet to release a public statement about why they banned scriptcontent.

Shortly after the publication of the banned list of the youtubers, bham, a Tibetan drama was written, it seems that YouTube deletes crypto-channels, with links to external web sites or the exchange’s listed in the description of the video. Although this is only a guess Bhama.

“It looks like the reason why YouTube was blocked crypto-channels, any links to external sites/exchanges in video descriptions.”

For example, utuber Rachel Siegel (Rachel Siegel), the leading Crypto Finally, a YouTube channel with 255 thousand subscribers, said that it is not affected by the ban on YouTube content associated with cryptocurrencies:

“I do not personally touched an explicit ban on cryptocurrency video on YouTube, but I think it is clear that this kind of deliberate attack. Technological censorship has a lot of public attention, and because cryptoprotection continues to grow as an industry, we can expect more and more mass bans and bans cryptocurrencies”.

Siegel confirmed that it does not reference external web sites or exchange in your videos.

“I once referred to the Coinbase, but stopped doing it,” said Siegel.

Despite the fact that some channels have not been banned, Twitter is growing more and more discontent with the platform. Cryptologist in one voice declare the censorship and threatened freedom of speech on YouTube.

In the tweet below, which was published under the list of blocked users, said that YouTube will be to study the problem and report about results soon.

Although YouTube takes the second place in popularity, and has over 1.9 billion users, there are blockchain-based platform for sharing content about cryptocurrency.