YouTube user selects in favorite feature: “makes life easier”

YouTube отбирает в пользователей любимую функцию: "облегчает жизнь"

The developers of the famous YouTube is thinking about introducing a new feature that will help users to think twice before you put dislik

Developers YouTube seriously worried about the risk of mass persecution and undermining of the ratings when the audience suddenly unite against an author of videos. In this regard, YouTube was concerned about potential misuse of the button “I do not like” (better known as dislike).

And will soon implement changes that will make people think twice before pressing this button.

A striking example of this persecution began, oddly enough, corporate video YouTube Rewind 2018 with an overview over the past year. With 164 million views the video has gained 2.5 million likes and 15 million dislikes allowed.

Director of project management Leung YouTube That said that the service administration is considering various options for changes that will prevent “flash mobs dislikes allowed”.

Among these options are mentioned disabling the demonstration the number of dislikes allowed by default (the authors of the channels themselves can decide to show the number or not), the requirement to explain their dissatisfaction, disabling counting the number of dislikes allowed, or even complete removal of the button “I don’t like it.”

Tom Leung noted that all these options have their drawbacks. For example, if the demand of the audience an explanation, then it can create difficulty with the processing of these reviews. A full deletion button dislike may be seen as extreme and undemocratic measures. Director project management-YouTube presented a discussion of possible options at an early stage, in order to encourage feedback from content creators, which may have more effective solutions.

Zepeto stands out among other social networks because instead of posting their own photo, and lightness to your real life, you create your own virtual character from the image name which is acquainted with other people.

Make friends with the user in social networks you must look at the Discover tab or using a virtual “street Zepeto”, which is a static screen with the picture of the city on which walk casual users. Also, there are chat, in-game assignments, the analog of Flappy Bird. In addition, users can make sharing photos and create stickers.

This alternative way of life is liked by many users around the world. 26 Nov Zepeto became the most downloaded app in the app Store, ahead of giants such as Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube.

YouTube отбирает в пользователей любимую функцию: "облегчает жизнь"

YouTube отбирает в пользователей любимую функцию: "облегчает жизнь"