Youtuber replaced Jack Nicholson to Jim Carrey with the help of neural network

Ютубер заменил Джека Николсона на Джима Керри при помощи нейросети

A YouTube user has replaced Jack Nicholson to Jim Carrey. The result is striking.

We are talking about the episode of the famous paintings of Stanley Kubrick’s “the Shining”. User Ctrl Shift Face replaced the face of the actor Jack Nicholson, who played in the film one of the main roles, on the face of Jim Carrey. The author of the video used the program DeepFake, formerly “famous” for the fact that with the help of her Network users attach celebrities to the bodies of the actors and Actresses of porn.

The result achieved by the youtuber, is striking: the face of Kerry is “served” on the facial expressions of Nicholson. To notice traces of mounting, of course, possible, but very hard. In contrast to previous work Ctrl Shift Face – where he had replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in a scene from “Terminator 2” with Sylvester Stallone.

“The shining” with Jim Carrey.