“Youtuber” to be able to walk the streets of silent hill P. T

«Ютубер» смог прогуляться по улицам Сайлент-Хилла в P.T

Lance MacDonald (Lance McDonald) – the big fan to rummage in the files of P. T., the playable teaser cancelled Silent Hills. After spending several months on trying, he still managed to walk the streets of a virtual city that can only be seen in the final cutscene of the game.

To get outside the house enthusiast connected files primary rooms and locations used in the final video. However, it seems the developers have provided a similar manipulation – when the hero is where he is not supposed to be, he falls through the textures and faces by Lisa, which restarts the game.

MacDonald did to the character was floating low over the ground, so was able to explore a piece of silent hill. The city was surprisingly rich in detail, albeit some objects and not enough quality textures. There you can see several apartment buildings, silhouettes of water towers on roofs, cars in the Parking lot and the trail of blood leading to the pool.

Of course, no events in this location, ending with a bridge over the main road, not happening. “Youtuber” celebrates the spooky vibe of the area, as if frozen in time.

Recall on previous discoveries MacDonald in P. T.:

• Terrible Lisa is always behind the player.

• Cut content – the headless corpse of Lisa, which lies in the filled tub.

• The main character was really Norman Reedus (Norman Reedus).