Yulia Baranovskaya thanked the friends for their help with the new housing

Юлия Барановская поблагодарила друзей за помощь с новым жильем

Ex-fiancee Andrei Arshavin moved with her children to a new home.

New residence Yulia Baranovskaya and three of her heirs has become a luxury cottage. With the move of the presenter helped her friends, whom she warmly thanked in his instacarma. “I’m not hard without her husband, as many may think. Always support close,” said the woman. The other day she showed the first tree planted with the children on your plot of land.

Julia Baranovskaya and her three children, new house, Julia did not like in the video, which the star published in his microblog. Usually Baranovskaya shows in the commercials, as her children play or do sports.

Newsmir.info want to add that about his personal life Julia prefers not to talk, or rather, trying not to show her mates. Earlier, the TV presenter admitted that her suit is only the man with whom it will have a serious relationship.

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