Yuliya Snigir came to the defense of “great”

Юлия Снигирь встала на защиту «Великой»

Yuliya Snigir wrote a post in defense of the series “Great”, which tells about the life of Catherine II.

Julia asked a tricky question to followers, comparing their version of the “great” American series with Elle fanning. And then stated that such series does not pretend to historical truth.

“The great” El terrible fanning disliked in our fan&774; country. “Insulting the feelings”, “abomination”, “humiliating spectacle”, “they scoff at Russia&774;skoe&774; the history&774;”… And the funny thing is that I write a lot about kako&774; good opportunity&774; I have a series about Catherine and kako&774; this – fu. Now, I decided to answer. Guys, let’s&774;those honestly – you want to say that my “Great” – pravdivyi&774; historical&774; series? Or maybe I’m more like Catherine than Elle fanning? Pfft… I’ll even literaturnyi&774; source will not be able to tell if you are looking for the historical truth about Catherine. But one thing I will say – don’t look for her in the series. Don’t watch them for the study of history. Never.”

She noted that in the series, no insults, no global conspiracy.

“There is no world conspiracy – is the author, Tony McNamara, ostroumnyi&774; bully (kotoryi&774; already misbehaved with England&774;skoe&774; the history&774; in “the Mistress”), the Absurd, black Comedy. With a great cast and witty dialogue. And it is fairer and finer than a serious melodramatic soap operas that pretend to be historical and similar to each other. And then a matter of taste.”

Юлия Снигирь встала на защиту «Великой»