Yuriy Boyko: the Agreement on the establishment of peace in the Donbass should be approved in a referendum

Юрий Бойко: Соглашения по установлению мира в Донбассе должны утверждаться на референдуме

The people’s Deputy, founder of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR the LIFE of Yuriy Boyko said this during a forum of public leaders, who on Thursday, February 14, was held in Kiev.

Speaking about peace in Ukraine, he cited the experience of Colombia. “In Colombia, 52 years old there was a war, killing more than 220 thousand people. In 2016, signed a peace agreement, the rebels disarmed, the country returned to civilian life. We have studied these experiences and identified three factors, which is the key to ending the conflict. The first is the political will of the head of the country. The second is direct negotiations opposing sides. And the third is the availability of reliable guarantors, who will monitor compliance with the agreements”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

He stressed that the basis for achieving peace in the Donbass there are the Minsk agreements.

“Yes, it has changed the terms, certain points need to revise, but as a base for the settlement of the conflict, they should be. Two key points must be made up after the allotted weapons. Should be a law on the special status of these territories for several years, and the second is the law on Amnesty for those who have not committed serious crimes. Because today, given the so-called law on the reintegration of Donbass, any teacher or doctor who is working in uncontrolled Kiev territory, may face prosecution as an accomplice of the separatists. So for these people there should be a clear signal that they are citizens of our country and unable to return,” said the politician.

Yuriy Boyko said that the world does not think of anything else but to sit at the negotiating table.

“You need to go to direct talks with the breakaway republics. As soon as the presidential elections, as soon as I change this government, there will be formed the official delegation from Ukraine, who will conduct the negotiations. After you have gained agreement, to be held a national referendum for their approval. Crucial decisions on such sensitive issues should only take people” – summed up the founder of the OPPOSITIONAL PLATFORM to LIFE.

Thursday, February 14, in Kiev hosted a Forum of community leaders. More than 300 people from all regions of Ukraine came to the capital to Express their support to Yuri Boyko. Among the Forum participants – entrepreneurs, farmers, doctors, Afghans, MPs, local government representatives, public figures.

Юрий Бойко: Соглашения по установлению мира в Донбассе должны утверждаться на референдуме