Yuriy Boyko: the Recovery of the real sector of the economy – our main goal

Юрий Бойко: Восстановление реального сектора экономики - наша основная задача

How to restart the economy and get people back into the country? Why the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO in the next 5-7 years no? With what main tasks must start a new government and why constructive cooperation with this Parliament would not be?

The founder of the OPPOSITIONAL PLATFORM FOR the LIFE of Yuriy Boyko said viewers of his Youtube channel.

“The issue of restarting the economy and return people is a key for us because when people leave the country, she loses perspective. The recovery of the real sector of the economy – businesses, industry, – and not chatter and scurry for loans – our main goal. I know how to recover enterprise how you can start industry, what industries we have, what potential we have in the country is… we will have to do. And as soon as the running of the company and will be the normal salary, will have confidence in the future and people will begin to return to Ukraine”, – said Yuriy Boyko.

Answering the question about the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO in the next 5-7 years, the politician said that to be deceived is not necessary and we were not welcome there. That was made clear by official Kiev of the leaders of the EU and NATO. In the EU, we will not accept corruption, underdevelopment and pervasive poverty, and in NATO – because, according to the Charter of this organization, countries where there is a military conflict may not become members.

“We need a balance between Russia, Europe – we need to take advantage of their markets. We also need to have good pragmatic relations with all neighbours, including Russia and the EU, the opening of Russian markets for our goods. Because today is patriots shouting “Russia-the aggressor” buy Russian goods more than we sell there. I.e. we give money to Russia, despite the fact that their economy is much stronger. We need a balance,” – said the founder of the OPPOSITIONAL PLATFORM to LIFE.

That the country could return to the children whose mothers are sent abroad because of the threat of dying in the ATO, it is necessary to restore peace in Ukraine, Yuriy Boyko.

“Wants the whole country. We have an absolutely clear and honest position – we are for direct negotiations with the unrecognized republics under the guarantee of the Russian Federation for them. The whole world has recognized that there is no military way to end the conflict and return areas. There is only political path – the path of negotiation and compromise. Must be an honest and open dialogue with people, to explain to them what we do, how we will achieve this. And then after the war you can safely return children home”, – said the politician.

As regards the main challenges facing the new government, they have long been defined by sociology, noted Yuriy Boyko. Is ending the war, returning prisoners, the reduction of tariffs, increase pensions, eliminate corruption.

“We know how to solve these problems, and if the new government will really solve them, then we are ready to become partners, we can help. We are not going to become the opposition when we are talking about addressing issues that people need,” – said the MP.

As for the dissolution of the current Parliament, then this should happen as soon as possible. Yuriy Boyko said that this Parliament – the biggest disappointment of Ukrainian citizens, as evidenced by a 4 percent rating for its support.

“The sooner it is dissolved the better for the country. Because the Parliament was engaged in political declarations and statements instead of trying to solve the issues that concern the citizens of Ukraine. He received a political slap from 73% of citizens who did not vote for a new President and against the current. It is including the rating of Parliament. The Parliament should be dissolved as quickly as possible – want the citizens of this country”, – summed up Yuriy Boyko.

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