Zabuzhko: We sell a special operation to dismantle the state Ukraine

Забужко: Нам впаривают спецоперацию по демонтажу государства Украина

On the one hand, I see a candidate who plays for the Ukrainian state, on the other hand, I see an attempt under the guise of a virtual entity to introduce in Ukraine an external control.

About this on air of the program Vox populi on channel ZIK said writer Oksana Zabuzhko.

In this election, according to the author of the novel “Museum of abandoned secrets”, it is not a choice between greater and lesser evil. But Ms. Zabuzhko believes that, despite claims to the incumbent President, one thing is undeniable – in 2014 he became President of the country, which stood over the precipice.

“For all the political predictions, the death, that is, the dismantling had already been cooked and rubbed his hands, not only in Moscow. In may 2014, Orban was the first who said that he is ready to take Transcarpathia. Don’t forget that Ukraine is a very tasty morsel. And want it very much,” said Zabuzhko.

In particular, the writer said that if Poroshenko were guided by their own vested interests, it would be much easier to take the country to rent predatory crows. But, she added, the President has maintained and kept the balance on the stormy waves of world history.

“Vparivayut us, taking advantage of the weaknesses of the Ukrainian society and the very latest technology, under the guise of democratic elections, a sting operation with the creeping occupation of the state, dismantling of the state of Ukraine, which failed in 2014”, – said the guest of the program.

The question the viewer on how to reach consensus with the people for whom Ukraine is not a value, Ms. Zabuzhko said in any way, it a priori excludes them from the dialogue.

“People are waiting for the arrival of Putin, and that Ukrainian independence is the throat is not the subject of dialogue. For whom Ukraine is not a value, I put them in brackets”, – said the writer.

Presidential candidate and incumbent President Petro Poroshenko agreed to a debate on 19 April at 19:00 at NSC “Olimpiyskiy”. The representative of the staff confirmed that the President is ready to go on Friday to two debates. Headquarters of Petro Poroshenko also wants to expand the debate from 60 to 90 minutes.

As reported in the online reservation system for free tickets to the upcoming debates between Presidential candidates Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko to be held on 19 April in the Olympic stadium at 19.00, failed.