Zackary and a parade of quilted jackets: as the selection for “Eurovision” showed the essence of show business (PHOTO)

Зашквары и парад ватников: как отбор на "Евровидение" показал сущность шоу-биза (ФОТО)

Eurovision is no longer something useful for society in particular and culture in General. Sad show for Housewives, in which there are the giants of show business, is a platform for advertising, which will look at striving not to burden yourself with nothing viewers.

From the point of view of common sense to send participants for the competition can be only one purpose – to declare the Russian aggression with another podium. And to attract tourists and investment to the host city in case of victory.

But in the opinion of many Ukrainian artists and their PR participation in the competition can be a stepping-stone in their career ladder. Just the thing – they stop talking immediately after the national selection and the Eurovision. The only exceptions are the winners. Yes, and those (Ruslan and Jamal) can be considered truly the stars without any tension.

The selection of artists who will have the honor to represent Ukraine, for some reason, is causing considerable interest among many of our citizens. Mainly from among those who are “tired of war”.

If rest and monitor what is happening in the domestic show-business, I do it down, for General knowledge. It is the latter and opened the sucks cloud of zahkarov accompanying the current domestic competitions.

But the fact that of the selection participants and finalists only two teams not associated with Russia and not ride to the occupants. And it’s unfortunate. What the Commission had missed such candidates, a rhetorical question. Apparently, no one who would have to cut security separable, not even bother trite Google. However, most likely, these figures stupid to not care about the position of artists.

And given the fact that the cotton part of the singer or group from Ukraine is required to use Pro-Russian politicians and propagandists who definitely will tell the whole world, saying, “the participant of “Eurovision” does not see invented Poroshenko Russian-Ukrainian war”, for selection of candidates to be approached gently and carefully. But no findings did not before last year when to get into the final part of competitions tried SunSay.

That’s why we have a parade of singing cotton mouths in the company of speakers KAZKA not stable and not capable of hitting the viewer Brunettes Shoot Blondes.

And though the head of the National selection Natalia Franchuk does not see the current situation of the problem, it would be the most you should think about its position.

To think Ukraine was going to born in the occupied Torez and did not get out of Russia leader Bahroma Roman Bakharev, touring the country to terrorist and acting on “the First channel” ward of the Russian Warner Music Russia MARUV, a Russian citizen with residence permit we have YUKO, members of the victorious concert on “inter” Freedom Jazz that I see no problems in speaking in the country occupance and also two pathologie Canary with mom-collaborando top level and a father a traitor, “judge”. Seriously?

These people may be entitled to raise the Ukrainian flag over the head in the event of his victory? And then what, declare that “Crimea is Crimea?” Or will talk about “the crimes of the junta”? No, thank you.

Зашквары и парад ватников: как отбор на "Евровидение" показал сущность шоу-биза (ФОТО)

Зашквары и парад ватников: как отбор на "Евровидение" показал сущность шоу-биза (ФОТО)

Зашквары и парад ватников: как отбор на "Евровидение" показал сущность шоу-биза (ФОТО)

Зашквары и парад ватников: как отбор на "Евровидение" показал сущность шоу-биза (ФОТО)