Zagid Krasnov for their money restores and equips hospital of the Dnieper

Загид Краснов за свои деньги восстанавливает и оснащает больницы Днепра


The inhabitants of the Dnieper and the area to be treated in modern conditions, and doctors to work comfortably.

“That this should be healthcare reform,” – said the leader of “Civil force” Zagid Krasnov.

At his own expense politician took to upgrade and renovate health facilities in the city. Recently completed repairs in the room to nurses in hospital № 8 in the street Space.

“Unfortunately, the material-technical base of almost all medical institutions in the city is outdated, and we needed repairs. A big thank you to our patrons. And, in particular, Zagid Krasnov G. for the assistance it provides”, – said General Director of the city hospital № 8 Valentin Borodulya.

Made major repairs of toilets, washing and other rooms. Installed new plumbing and equipment.

Zagid Krasnov personally controlled the repair works. Managers and employees of medical institutions say that the work will be easier and more comfortable. For care and assistance policy grateful.

“For our hospital help is very important. Today in 8-th city hospital complete renovation of the “clean zone”. We are very grateful to “Gromadsky power.” In particular, Zagid Krasnov for their assistance in the repair of hospitals,” says medical Director of city hospital No. 8 Tatiana Ignatenko.

Extensive repairs made in a short time.

“After all the work the doctors have every day,” said Zagid Krasnov.

“Any man will tell you that our doctors beautiful. And those conditions in which the patient has to have treatment terrible. We have today hospitals are in a terrible state. Years, decades they have not been repaired. Equipment is obsolete. When we are talking about some kind of medical reform, you need to understand what is the concern about those people who provide medical assistance”, – said the leader of “Gromadsky force” Zagid Krasnov

“For doctors who save human lives, create decent working conditions,” says Zagid Krasnov.

At the same time improve the conditions of stay and quality of care for patients. The leader of “Gromadsky forces” I am convinced that this should be healthcare reform. Not in words but in deeds. Repairs in hospitals Zagid Krasnov has already allocated more than a million hryvnias from own Fund. And for the purchase of modern medical equipment, together with its partners – more than 5 million.

“There is a priority. People’s health always comes first. I decided from the Fund “Gromadsky forces” to allocate money for the purchase of medical equipment and repair our hospitals, chambers. To our doctors to treat our citizens and patients to be able under normal conditions to be treated,” – said Zagid Krasnov.