Zagorodnyuk considered biased the court’s decision in Marchenko in the case of body armor

Загороднюк счел необъективным решение суда по Марченко в деле о бронежилетах

Over Marchenko vouched MPs, heroes of Ukraine, he’s not hiding from the investigation and attended all interviews.

The decision of the court about the arrest of the officer of Armed forces of Ukraine Dmytro Marchenko is biased.

The Minister of defence Andrey Zagorodnyuk said on air “Army FM”.

“It’s hard to accept the decision. Of course, we all are waiting for the decision of the case in fact. But as far as we know, how we communicated with our lawyers, take into custody when there is a risk that people will either continue the illegal activities or harm to the society during the investigation. All we know about Dmitry is that he is not able neither that, nor another… Objectively speaking, it seems to us that this is a biased decision,” the Minister said.

According to him, over Marchenko vouched MPs, heroes of Ukraine, he’s not hiding from the investigation and attended all interviews.

At the same time, he said that the offences in the Armed Forces do take place, there is corruption, which is a struggle.

“But at the same time, we, as a civilized country, have to respect the human right that he is innocent until, until his guilt is established. This is the first. And secondly, preventive measures must be adequate to the situation. In this case, we do a little (or not little) surprised by this decision and hope that it (Marchenko, ed.), the lawyers will submit the appropriate appeal,” concluded zagorodniuk.

As reported, the Pechersky regional court of Kiev on Monday was arrested for 60 days with the right Deposit of 76 million hryvnias of the chief of the development and support of the material support of the Armed forces of Ukraine Dmytro Marchenko. He is suspected of the criminal proceedings on the fact of purchase of poor quality assets at inflated prices to the Armed forces of Ukraine.

17 Jul Pipe said that in the framework of the investigation into the purchase of substandard bulletproof vests for the Ministry of defense suspicions not brought anyone, and all the body armor, inadequate, seized a result. According to him, with the purchase of this batch of body armor was not a complete check.

On 5 November, investigators announced suspicion of five officials of the Ministry of defence.