“Zakhar Berkut”: the story and official trailer of the movie with Hollywood actors

"Захар Беркут": сюжет и официальный трейлер фильма с участием голливудских актеров

Ukrainian historical action “Zakhar Berkut”, directed by Akhtem Seitablaev 10 October will be released on the Ukrainian screens. The official premiere of the movie preceded the first preview of the show, which was held in Lviv.

The official trailer appeared on YouTube channel of the state of Ukraine on September 18. The first announcements for the film “Zakhar Berkut” was in the network at the end of 2018. I should add that before the premiere of the film was also released the official soundtrack of “Pass” that created the band “Okean Elzy”.

It is known that the famous film Director Ahtem Seitablaev was removed by the company Kinorob with the support of the state and with the participation of experts from Hollywood. Together with the Ukrainian Director of Crimean Tatar origin on the tape was such Hollywood artists, like John winn, Jeff rice, Raja Collins, and others. Thanks to this winning cast, the film has attracted considerable attention of cinephiles.

Watch the official trailer for the film “Zakhar Berkut”: video

Earlier Western representatives of the film announced that will help to promote the Ukrainian ribbon on the North American market. Ahtem Seitablaev also noted that cooperation with our American partners is a chance to tell the world this story, show far beyond the country’s beauty of the Carpathians, a long tradition, to introduce the culture and life of Ukrainian music.

"Захар Беркут": сюжет и официальный трейлер фильма с участием голливудских актеров

Footage from the shooting of the film “Zakhar Berkut” / Facebook / @Zakhar Berkut

The plot of the film adaptation of the eponymous historical novel “Zakhar Berkut” by Ivan Franko, the film will show the struggle of a small Ukrainian community with the Mongol Horde led by Khan Burundai. The team of brave Ukrainian peasants led by brothers Eagles is developing a plan to permanently stop many of the enemy and permanently oust him from the Carpathian mountains.

The film was shot in English, but for the Ukrainian rolled the whole tape will be duplicated in Ukrainian. Starring starred as actors from Ukraine as from abroad. The premiere is scheduled on October 10, 2019.

See the first trailer of the film “Zakhar Berkut” online: