Zakladki dopekli Kharkiv, there was a hard warning. VIDEO

Закладчики допекли харьковчан, появилось жесткое предупреждение. ВИДЕО

Zakladki drugs and those who are so dopeklo resident of Kharkiv, he threatened them with violence

A video message appeared in the group “Kharkov 1654” on Facebook, reports Politeka.

On account of the man emotionally said that he has to watch.

“My mother today, first time in my life saw these guys-“treasure hunters” climb and pull out my “treasure” and says: “the Earth dig like moles”.

He asked these fellows, shame on them, because they are well – grown men.

“For example, I was born in a country where Smoking and drinking is a shame, but when someone drink, then go home, people to see… And drug abuse or so to climb is a cursed man. There are even family deals with it. And you so do not respect yourself, climb in public, in the children’s areas in public places is hiding everything from you, and nothing is sacred. People, come in.”

If talking nicely does not help, it guarantees a personal meeting to convey the necessary information “through the liver”.

Among Kharkiv entry has caused a mixed reaction.

“Yes, this is a disaster!!!”, “A license to shoot junkies in the masses! Support you the author, but be careful as it can stick from a blow to the liver. Personally, I route against these moral monsters helps gas cylinder – this will reduce to a minimum the physical violence and consequences!”, “Who are you going to speak words?! It is not the people… It’s like a tumor that you just need to cut and all, besmertny or what??? Try to stop junkies for Kumar, when he barely found the money, and then can not find in the land where the other fuck her stuck. Fighting with the cause, not the effect. Polyscopy someone who protects this horror,” people write under the video.

Закладчики допекли харьковчан, появилось жесткое предупреждение. ВИДЕО