“Zamler”: efficient and reliable road transport of goods

«Замлер»: оперативные и надежные автомобильные перевозки грузов

More recently, procurement from abroad was a luxury for most business owners in our country, however, with the release to market of the group of companies “zammler Ukraine” the situation has changed. Today there can be beneficial to order service transport of goods by road (read more on the page: zammler.com.ua/ru/services/road-transport). And if necessary, staff will assist with customs clearance. In addition, its customers a 3-PL provider offers complex solutions for e-commerce fulfillment.

Why the company “Sammler”

Zammler group was founded in 2007. Today there are 5 companies (in Europe and Asia) with 12 offices. The number of customers in the tens. Among them, small companies and giants of industry leaders including: P&G, Adidas, Puma, Lifecell, Karcher, Bosch.

5 reasons to trust the professionals with your cargo

Road transportation is one of the most popular services. They are ordered both in Ukraine and abroad.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • The reasonable value of services. Zammler at – large private fleet. The type of car selected depending on the characteristics of the transported products to quickly deliver the order to save fuel, not to impose unnecessary costs on the customer.
  • Flexibility. In each case the best prepared logistics route. If you need specialist it combines advanced picks for conveying water or air.
  • Reliability and convenience. The operator carries safe and sound all kinds of goods, including fragile, valuable, perishable, requiring special conditions of transportation. The delivery deadlines are strictly observed. In real time you can track where the parcel is, thanks to the GPS system trackers fitted to all cars.
  • Assistance in obtaining documents when crossing the border, insurance. For combined routes, or in case of overload is done by monitoring the products of the customer.
  • Additional services. The company has its own modern warehouse area of approximately 51,000 m2, where it optionally stores the goods customers. Also in 2015, it provides fulfillment services.

It is a complete solution for companies, which is engaged only in their own products, communicating with customers and advertising. The task of taking the goods from the supplier, storage and delivery to the buyer takes over the operator. He also deals with returns, reporting.