Zaporizhia pianist about the reward from the President: It’s like another birthday

Запорожская пианистка о награде от Президента: Это как еще один день рождения

Zaporozhye pianist Elena Kaganovskaya became the honored worker of culture of Ukraine

Elena Kaganovskaya teaches music since 1988. Began at children’s school of arts № 1. And since 1994 is working in the College of music (then College) named after Maiboroda.

Favorite “Mystery”

Elena Leonidovna – participant and winner of many competitions. But the most significant victory believes the Grand Prix in the International competition in the city Encino (Italy), the quintet of leading teachers musicalise “Mystery”. Founded in 2007, the quintet “Mystery” is a visiting card not only of Zaporozhye, but also in Ukraine. (Elena Kaganovskaya plays in the “Mystery” in 2008). The ensemble’s repertoire consists of Ukrainian and world classics. But the basis of the repertoire – the vibrant music of Astor Piazzolla in the direction of tango Nuevo or new tango (arranged Zaporozhye composer Dmitry Savenko). “Mystery” has performed in different cities of the country and abroad. Playing for the military in the area of environmental protection and in hospitals.

-The reward for work is always nice, the m more that the award is timed to this important date, Constitution Day, noted “Industriale” Elena Kaganovskaya. But especially enjoyable were the numerous greetings from family, friends, colleagues and students who know our team and me personally. Everyone is very grateful for the kind words and wishes. It’s like another birthday, only at a different time of the year (smiles). Special thanks to my fellow members of the quintet: Sergey Peluso (head of the quintet, Director of ascollada. – Ed.), Yaroslav Revutsky, Tatiana Schneider, Alexander prylypko – my “fighting friends” for his long and interesting collaboration. I look forward to awarding other musicians “Mystery”.

Elena Kaganovskaya also since 2002, performs a piano duet with teacher Lily ascollada Zornikova. As an accompanist worked with people’s artist of Ukraine, Inna Gapon.

On the question of what he considered his finest achievement in the works of Elena Kaganovskaya says:

In the team, “Mystery” I play music that I love most. And I’m glad that there are people who want to listen, come to the concerts and also get pleasure from it.

Photo courtesy of Elena Kaganovskaya

Запорожская пианистка о награде от Президента: Это как еще один день рождения

Запорожская пианистка о награде от Президента: Это как еще один день рождения