Zaporizhzhya journalist Pavel Volkov fully justified

Запорожского журналиста Павла Волкова полностью оправдали

Today, March 27, in the Zaporozhye court held a hearing on the case of journalist Pavel Volkov, who is accused of infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to the journalist, “Country” lawyers Volkova has made the defendant innocent.

“I was completely justified. Today was the sentencing, it was read for about 2.5 hours. I was acquitted on all counts, as it found no corpus delicti. The sentence is actually a Manifesto of freedom of journalistic activity, the right to Express their opinions, to gather and disseminate information. The verdict comes into force in a month, but the Prosecutor already wrote the appeal. At the court hearing were representatives of UN, OSCE, the IGFM”, – told the correspondent of “Country” journalist Pavel Volkov.

Pavel Volkov (far right) and bar composition