Zaporozhane killed her baby

Запорожанка убила своего грудного ребенка

Bloody murder occurred in the city of Rivne

Yesterday evening the police received a message from emergency doctors. In the city of Rivne on the street. the doctors stated the death of an infant. About it reported in Department of communications of the police in Rivne region.

The police found that the child killed 21-year-old mother is originally from Zaporozhye. She came in Exactly to obtain a higher education. After graduation, she stayed in the apartment of 26-year-old boyfriend and his mother.

The girl soon became pregnant. However, in November last year was diagnosed with acute herpetic meningoencephalitis. Due to complications of the disease in pregnant women has any mental disorder. In January of this year she had a relapse.

On 15 February, zaporozhane gave birth in Ivano-Frankivsk girl. The mother there passed treatment in a psychiatric hospital. From where she was discharged 3 March.

The day of the murder of 26-year-old father of the child left the apartment. He took out the trash and got out of the basement potatoes. When the boy returned, he discovered his dead child and immediately called an ambulance. Unfortunately, the doctors only verified death of the baby. It was caused by a stab in the neck.

Police the child’s mother could not adequately explain what happened and why it did. She couldn’t even remember what I was doing during the day. The girl was detained and placed in jail.

Today the question about the message the girl about the suspicion and the election of a preventive measure. In the framework of the criminal case investigative actions are carried out. The sanity of the girls have to solve psychiatric examination.

Запорожанка убила своего грудного ребенка