“Zaporozhye” defeated “Chemist” in the battle of super League leaders

"Запорожье" победило "Химик" в битве лидеров Суперлиги

On Saturday, February 2, was held the Central match of the basketball Superleague – a visit to the leader of the championship “the Chemist” arrived basketball players from “Zaporozhye”.

The course of events at the site confirmed the status of the game – none of the teams were not going to surrender, forcing the opponent your playing style. So it all happened on a collision course. And the first period ended with a minimal advantage guests – 16:17.

The same events continued in the second quarter. Only in the end of three far from accurate snipers “Zaporozhye” allowed the visiting team to go on a big break as a leader – 31:40.

But this advantage was eliminated before the end of the third quarter – 58: 59. So before the final quarter the visitors ‘ advantage was again minimal, and the tension only grew. And almost immediately was “killed” by Holton and Shevchenko that allowed the “lions” break away 7 points. Do not try basketball players of “Chemist” to win this match, they failed – 74:79.

Chemist – Zaporozhye 74:79 (16:17, 15:23, 27:19, 16:20)

“Chemist” and further retains the lead in the championship, and “Zaporozhye” came on second position.

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