“Zelensky – addict”: Lyashko made a dirty provocation

"Зеленский - наркоман": Ляшко устроил грязную провокацию

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko, who systematically works on the image of Ukraine in the international arena, made a dirty provocation, extending the fake screenshot supposedly with the release of foreign news about the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

“Message the world’s media that Zelensky addict, humiliating for Ukrainians. So my bill drug examination candidates and MPs is as relevant as ever. Vladimir Zelensky, do not want to show all others by example and take the tests voluntarily?!” – Lyashko wrote on Twitter.

The message Lyashko allegedly attached a screenshot of the news with the caption “drugs are evil”. But really it’s not a screenshot of a news story, and the picture is created on a special website Breaking News Generator to create memov “breaking news”. By the way, anyone can add your photo and write any text.

Twitter users drew attention Lyashko that screenshot with Zelensky’s not real, but he never responded.

Other users began to create memy already Lyashko and obscene words.