Zelensky agreed to exchange prisoners with the “LDNR”

Зеленский договорился об обмене пленными с "ЛДНР"

Ukraine is once again exchanged their prisoners in the Donbas.

Not so long ago between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, an exchange of prisoners of war, then President Vladimir Zelensky promised to return the rest of the prisoners. Thus, it became known that Ukraine and separatists “LDNR” will be a regular exchange of prisoners, which will take place before Easter, that is, until 19 April.

This is reported on the official website of the President of Ukraine.

It is worth noting that after the former actor of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky took the presidency of Ukraine, he immediately took the Ukrainian military, who are in the thrall of Russia and in the Donbas. The exchange happened immediately and on a good note, relatives of the prisoners thanked the President for such a serious step.

After that Vladimir Zelensky has promised to work on the next exchange, until all Ukrainian prisoners will return home to the family and loved ones. Now it became known that Ukraine will return to its defenders, who are in captivity in the Donbas, and will make it to 19 April 2020 when Ukraine will celebrate Easter.

So, recently held a video conference of the Trilateral contact group, in which all sides agreed on the lists of prisoners of war, naming the date of exchange in the Donbass, which will be before Easter. The new head of the Office of the President Andrey Ermak commented on the agreement of the parties, expressing gratitude for support of the work of Ukraine.

According to him, Ukraine wants to improve the results of the meetings of the parties to the Tripartite contact group, and he stressed that our country wants a lot of important decisions that will help to deal with the security and humanitarian challenges in the country’s Eastern regions, where at the moment, the war continues.

In addition to questions about the exchange of detained persons, at a video conference of the Tripartite group discussed about the breeding of the forces of all funds and humanitarian mine clearing of territories in Eastern Ukraine. Thus, from the discussions, the parties entered into the agreement to grant the OSCE a list of all objects for the implementation of demining and they have promised to ensure security in all areas of Donbass.

Meanwhile, all separatistkie the media stated that Ukraine and “DNR” agreed about an exchange of prisoners of war held by the formula 8 10.