Zelensky and Poroshenko compared to live Razumkov explained what “servant of the people” differs from the BPP

Зеленского и Порошенко сравнили в прямом эфире: Розумков объяснил, чем "Слуга народа" отличается от БПП

Party “servant of the people” made a face control.

Thursday, June 13, in the program “Right to rule” we are talking about the lists of candidates which parties go to the polls. Presenters presenters Natalya Moseychuk and Sergey Ivanov together with Ukrainian journalists staged a face-control for those who seek to represent the interests of Ukrainian in government.

The Studio among others were Chairman of the party, the Servant of the people “Dmitry Razumkov. During his speech, joined the conversation the chief-the editor the Internet-editions “Left Coast” – LB.UA Sonya Koshkina. She asked Razumkov important issues of concern to Ukrainian.

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“I carefully studied the list of the party” servant of the people “and I want to ask You a simple and concise question. Than e is different from the heap of other parties in power that we’ve seen the last 15 or 20 years? Those parties which were in favor when their leaders headed by the Parliament, the presidential Administration, or DEJAVU, and you can show to the electorate except that formal mastermind your party mister Zelensky. Your ideology, your principles? Because I looked at the list – it’s very raznochinny. I think that the oligarchs will buy it in the Parliament for 5 H. Well, 30 percent right, and you will have problems with support, ” said Koshkin.

“We really showed what we are fundamentally different. We started to clean your list has not yet come to Parliament. We are now and that we will continue to do as promised. Second question – we are really going to take those laws, which promised for many years – the removal of parliamentary immunity, the opinion of the MP that nobody bought. I understand that if people will not do, will not do what they declare, going under the flag of the party “Servant of the people in Parliament, so they do not belong there. In their place others will come and will realize its su spellista tasks, ” said Razumkov.