Zelensky anti-raider signed a decree

Зеленский подписал антирейдерский указ

The proposed izmeneniya will help to minimize the risks of raiding in Ukraine, according to the Office of the President.

President Vladimir Zelensky Monday, July 22, signed a decree On measures to combat raids, the press service of the head of state.

The document contains a set of tools that will be introduced in the near future to adequately protect business owners and impeding the deprivation of their property rights.

“According to various estimates, in the last six years, there has been more than three thousand seizures. Usually it is a change of ownership through falsification of documents, through registrars that don’t exist, or “holes” in the registry… Today’s decision is a real step to end this”, – said the Deputy head of the Office of the President Alexey Goncharuk.

He noted that the document proposed to amend the software public registry, which will significantly reduce risks and the frequency of raiding.

Among the key technological changes – automatic monitoring of risky transactions subsequent confirmation/stop registration procedures, creating back-office, which will review transactions with high risk, photos and video recording of participants of the transaction; the introduction of a further confirmation of the registration operations (e.g. SMS password, or MobileID), and additional authorization participants in a transaction (e.g., EDS).

All of these changes will help to minimize the risks of raiding in Ukraine, stated in the President’s Office.