Zelensky called the management Data in response to threats of protests

Зеленский созвал руководство Укрспирта в ответ на угрозы протестами

Want to discuss the development of the alcohol industry and probably the current SOE situation.

President Vladimir Zelensky gathers on Friday, November 1, in Ternopil in the working meeting of heads of state enterprise “Ukrspirt”, which produces raw materials for all producers of vodka in Ukraine. About it UBR.ua it became known from own sources.

According to the document, came into the editorial office, the Ministry of economic development requests to arrive at the meeting “on development of alcohol industry with the participation of President Vladimir Zelensky”. The meeting invited the heads of enterprises in the structure of “Ukrspirt”.

The event is scheduled for November 1, at 11:30, in the building of the Ternopil regional state administration.

Earlier, the joint trade Union “Ukrspirt” has threatened the President and the party “servant of the people” strikes, and demanded “to prevent the destruction of the industry and the dismissal of employees.”

Thus, the Union took bill No. 2300, providing for the liberalization of the alcohol industry. The outrage industry representatives called the prosecution authorities concerning the “criminalization” of “Ukrspirt”.

In a statement released on the official website of the company handling a number of requirements. The first one is to withdraw the bill. And review appointments in the industry taking into account the views of the Union. In addition, you demand to toughen the criminal punishment for the illegal production and sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

If the government ignores these demands, the Union “Ukrspirt” has promised to stop production capacity, to stop shipment of products and to organize protests under the walls of the public authorities.

Зеленский созвал руководство Укрспирта в ответ на угрозы протестами