Zelensky confirmed the readiness to sue Iran in international courts for the downed “Boeing”

Зеленский подтвердил готовность судиться с Ираном в международных судах за сбитый "Боинг"

President Vladimir Zelensky said about Ukraine’s readiness to file international lawsuits against Iran if Tehran does not fulfill its obligations and promises with respect to the “Boeing”, “MAU”, shot down by air defense of the Islamic revolution guards Corps, announced in the President’s Office.

The head of state said that it is not only the transfer of “black boxes” for recording information with them. But the official apology to Iran and the payment of “adequate compensation” to affected parties.

“They have to do what he promised. Otherwise we will have no other choice and they know our position, but to appeal to international courts,” said Zelensky in an interview with canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail published Sunday, June 21.

“I hope that eventually we will be able to rely on the policy of the Iranian government that focuses on results,” – said the President of Ukraine.

The attorney General’s office initiated the establishment of the international investigation team to investigate the accident in Iran, similar to JIT, which deals with the case of MH17. None of the States have, so far hasn’t reacted.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine expressed its readiness to file a lawsuit in the international court of justice if negotiations with Iran will reach an impasse.

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