Zelensky disappointed, and promised that the Ukrainians will pay “compensation” Kolomoisky.

Зеленский разочаровал, пообещав, что украинцы заплатят "компенсацию" Коломойскому, - эксперт

The showman and the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky disappointed the Ukrainians, promising oligarch Igor Kolomotssky “compensation” at the expense of the population. This opinion on his page in Facebook was expressed by political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

“Before the election, four days. The constitutional court reminded that it was considering the claim of “Zaporozhye plant of ferroalloys” Kolomoisky repealed by NAB deals. 7 billion – about $ 260 million. I mean, by the decision of the NEB that money should return to the state. But the COP can give them “victim” Kolomoisky. And then there’s the problem of “PrivatBank”, which the government was forced to nationalize and to compensate for the transaction Kolomoisky, who through “Private” withdrawal of funds from Ukraine. Overall this is a much more attractive figure of 1.9 billion dollars (the sum mentioned in the High court of London). Kolomoisky admitted they caused losses only in the amount of 248 million dollars and not pleaded guilty to more than 1.5 billion dollars,” – said golobutsky.

In his opinion, in fact, the campaign Zelensky is a “for fun” only some voters.

“For Kolomoisky everything is more than serious. Nearly 2 billion dollars of state claims. And Zelensky, according to certain information, promised at least to remove state claims to Kolomoisky throughout the property and all transactions, regardless of the number and scope of violations recorded. Of course, if you still get presidential powers”, – said the expert.

He also compared the claims with Igor Kolomoisky appetites of the “Donetsk clan” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

“So, “Vegetable” Family is not the worst option. Well, torn Donetsk clan to power and resources. Well, tried quietly to surrender Ukraine to the Kremlin. This is a kindergarten – trousers on straps compared to the current option: to tear to power, to wrest from the state budget for “chef” billions and sell for cheap Russia and Ukraine after millions of refugees and tens of thousands of dead and wounded Russian soldiers and mercenaries. As a “bonus” in addition to occupied Crimea and Donbass: take the rest as it captured!” – protested the analyst.

According to him, this is not the “servant of the people” is to rule the people is “the servant of the billionaire” is going to return the chief billions from the budget.

“Of course, such a goal will pay for all long-term investments in “Servant of the people” (first series, remember, was released in November of 2015). Voters who were hoping for Zelensky as the “new face in politics” is unlikely to hold out of frustration – because of their expense is actually scheduled to pay “compensation for damages and stress” Kolomoisky. To cast your vote Zelensky – is, in fact, agree to give their money,” stated Alex golobutsky.

Зеленский разочаровал, пообещав, что украинцы заплатят "компенсацию" Коломойскому, - эксперт