Zelensky discussed with the IMF the appointment of the head of the national Bank

Зеленский обсудил с МВФ назначение главы Нацбанка

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky had a phone conversation with managing Director of the International monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva, during which they discussed further cooperation.

“We appreciate the comprehensive support provided by the IMF in this difficult for our country,” said Zelensky during a conversation.

The head of state stressed that the continuation of active cooperation with the IMF under the new stand-by program is an important priority for Ukraine.

During the conversation he noted that he held meetings with representatives of commercial and state banks and formed a short list of candidates for the position of head of the National Bank, which he invited representatives of the banking sector. The President assured that before the end of the week propose to the Parliament the candidacy of the Chairman of the NBU.

Zelensky also expressed the belief that the NBU together with the government should continue implementing a balanced monetary and fiscal policy ensure macroeconomic and financial stability and promote economic growth and the resumption of Bank lending in Ukraine.

“Debate about the activities of the National Bank of Ukraine shall be deprived of political overtones that could have a negative impact on the institutional capacity and independence of the regulator,” – said the President.

The head of state noted that the main criteria for the selection of a candidate are professionalism, integrity and impeccable reputation.

During communication Zelensky assured Kristalina Georgiev in a solid desire of Ukraine to continue cooperation with the IMF and noted that the law on banking activities is direct evidence of this desire.

Vladimir Zelensky
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