Zelensky for the first time published a Declaration

Зеленский впервые обнародовал декларацию

The leader of “95 quarter” Vladimir Zelensky, who plans to run for President of Ukraine in the upcoming elections, 24 January filed electronically in 2017.

The relevant information is published in the Unified state register of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local government.

Vladimir Zelensky has owned this property:

  1. Residential house in the village Ivankovic near Kiev area 353,5 square meter
  2. Land area of 1200 square meters
  3. Apartment in Kiev area of 131,9 sq meter,
  4. Two Parking spaces and an area of 20,90 20,70 per square meter.
  5. Two apartments in Kiev, which are the common property of the brothers Sergei and Boris Semirami total area 453,1 square meter.

Wife Elena Zelenskaya is the owner of these objects:

  1. Apartment in Livadia, occupied Crimea, an area of 129,8 sq meter
  2. Parking place in the Livadia Palace, occupied Crimea, an area of 16, of 1 square meter
  3. Apartment in Kiev with an area of 284 square meter in Kiev
  4. Non-residential premises in Kiev area 337,8 square meters, which is the common property together with Larisa and Elena Semirami
  5. Non-residential premises in Kiev area to 305.9 square meters, which are the common property together with Sergei Sefirot.

In addition, from November 2014 the couple Zelensky rent in the UK apartment with an area of 91.9 per square meter, the cost of which is 42.2 million.

Zelensky also declared a flat area 269,7 square meters and two Parking places in Kiev, owned by Cypriot company Aldorante Limited, the ultimate beneficiary of who he is.

Zelensky has four luxury Swiss watch brands Breguet, Tag Heuer, Roleх, Bovet and his wife, Swiss watches Piaget, Breguet and jewelry set – earrings and ring with diamonds.

Goes family Zelensky at auto Land Rover Range Rover, 2016 issue value of UAH 4.7 million and Mercedes-Benz S 500 4Matic 2014 release value of 1,8 million hryvnias.

They own securities worth more than 50 thousand hryvnias and foreign shares.

Zelensky wife are the ultimate beneficiaries of 4 companies: LLC “Studio quarter-95”, Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), Film Heritage inc (Belize), San Tommaso S. R. L. (Italy.) Himself Zelensky recorded OOO “Cenacarta”, Megiritano Ventures Ltd (British virgin Islands), Vilhar Holdings Limited (Cyprus). They also are co-owners of more than a dozen societies.

Showman has declared 26 of trademarks, three utility models and three of the invention.

For 2017 he received nearly 7 million hryvnias of income. In particular 4.34 million hryvnias of income from entrepreneurial activities (income from physical and legal persons), 1,58 million hryvnias of a salary, 608,2 thousand hryvnias of percent 207,1 thousand of insurance payments 5 thousand royalty and 1 thousand fees. The income of his wife in 2017 amounted to almost 200 thousand UAH – 148,1 thousand hryvnias of a salary, 45.1 thousand of insurance payments 5 thousand 1 thousand fees and social benefits.

Family Zelensky received 605 thousand hryvnias of the income from providing property for rent.

The candidate holds cash of $ 285 thousand, 220 thousand hryvnias and 50 thousand euros. Moreover, Latvian AS PrivatBank he keeps 417 thousand, and his wife 8.4 thousand dollars. In addition, he placed in Ukrainian banks is 1.18 million, 16.8 thousand dollars and 132 euros, and his wife – 196 and $ 1070 USD.