Zelensky has announced emergency measures to combat the coronavirus, VIDEO

Зеленский объявил о чрезвычайным мерах для борьбы с коронавирусом, - ВИДЕО

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said about the decisions of the Council of national security and defense of coronavirus in Ukraine.

“We act decisively and proactively. First we close the border for foreigners. Will be closed border crossing points for passenger traffic. For two weeks, starting from March 16, foreign citizens cannot enter the territory of Ukraine nor a plane, nor a train, nor a car, nor by any other means,” – said the head of state.

“In three days we are closing regular flights. During this time, you must return home. Those who, for objective reasons, will not have time to do so, should contact the Consulate. They will be returned home, a private non-scheduled flights,” said Zelensky.

“All who return will be brought to medical checks. In case of detection of medical symptoms of the disease have been submitted to visual observation,” said he.

While Zelensky added that in the near future infectious medical institutions in each region of Ukraine will be fully provided the rapid tests.

“Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers has allocated UAH 100 million to remedy. If necessary, to be allocated 500 million for the purchase of medical equipment for intensive therapy under the accelerated procedure,” he said.

Zelensky also asked citizens to observe the rules of hygiene and more to stay home.

“The elderly, particularly those with chronic illness, I beg you to stay home. As international experience shows, and especially China, where the virus has significantly receded, the most effective way of struggle – to be home,” he said.

The head of state asked the employers to allow work from home, especially employees with children.

Zelensky also explained the prohibition of mass events.

“A temporary ban of mass actions is not an attack on the constitutional right to protest, is the care of the health of Ukrainians. Let the situation stabiliziruemost, the incidence will decline – then we’ll rally to your health”, he said.