Zelensky has dealt a powerful blow to the mafia, came an appeal: “was Hoping that they won’t remember”

Зеленский нанес мощный удар по мафии, появилось обращение: "Надеялись, что их не вспомнят"

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky reacted harshly to bureaucratic arbitrariness in Boryspil

On July 9 Vladimir Zelensky held a briefing with the leadership of the city of Boryspil and Kiev region, and also presented the new Governor of the region Mikhail BNO-Ariana. Alexander Dubinsky said that he personally was present at the event. According to him, before the speech, the President drove to the district hospital, which is in a terrible state.

“He began his speech. And I saw the President, who is wanted for five previous years and we hope to see over the next five years. He came in and fucked these creatures just right in the courtroom. Picked up the doctor, who mumbled… then picked up the mayor of the city, then raised the head of the district Council, was invited to the podium the Deputy of regional Council, which in opposition was from the Lyashko – was from BYuT, kicked it on*UY from the audience, because in the biography of robbery with aggravating consequences”, – said the journalist.

He added that the situation in Borispol caused him a feeling of the mafia. And Vladimir Zelensky appeared a man who went out to fight crime. According to Alexander Dubinsky, the President “is preparing for a major personnel decisions”. However, he will not stand on ceremony with infringers, but simply to expel them. The candidate from “Servants of the people” noted that he had talked with the guarantor after the event and said the important thing:

“These people who were sitting in the hall of Boryspil city Council, which looked into his mouth, roughly speaking, is silent when he fucked them all, SP*sdusa at the district hospital money, officials. Hoping that they will remember… it’s very simple, friends. This is the information I tried to convey to the President: budget and capital construction of Kyiv oblast UAH 1.5 billion in 2019. 7% of the money attracted by the officials of the regional administration. The fact that they distribute the money they are already painted before the end of the year. And 30% dismantled curators social, municipal projects such as hospitals, kindergartens and schools. Kickbacks on tenders”.

According to estimates of Alexander Dubinsky, employees of the regional administration receive from the criminal scheme of nearly 100 million. A “local princelings” in turn, gets about 500 million stolen by the “accounting method”. In the end, the Ukrainians have unfinished roads, businesses and institutions. Indeed, officials often throw objects, which had stole.

“You probably seen them yourself… Here, it must be fought with bureaucratic snouts, who sat, are sitting and waiting that they or*yn will not. Will we you*Boehm and discard*UI”, – said the candidate.

Зеленский нанес мощный удар по мафии, появилось обращение: "Надеялись, что их не вспомнят"

Зеленский нанес мощный удар по мафии, появилось обращение: "Надеялись, что их не вспомнят"