Zelensky has launched a flash mob with the song to the TV series “servant of the people” – 24 Channel

Зеленський запустив флешмоб із піснею до серіалу "Слуга народу" - 24 Канал

Ukrainian showman and leader of the “Studio “Kvartal 95” Vladimir Zelensky launched in its Instagram flashmob to mark the Day of Ukrainian writing and language. The comedian asked the user to publish its Ukrainian-language versions of famous songs from the TV series “servant of the people”.

“We have a song: “I love my country, I love my wife, I love my dog.” We offer flashmob – send your translation of this song. I have even made two lines: “I love my wife, I love my country”. Here’s a flash mob. The winner we’ll be waiting on the set of the servant of the people. The continuation,” – said Zelensky in the video.

Users just picked up a flash mob and began to write their suggestions in the comments.

“I love our country,
even in times of war.
Language of love the Nightingale,
And study incessantly!”

“I love to sing in the shower
For dinner, there is sushi
Love in the morning, at dawn,
dance in PAMC,
Like daughter, like son
your husband and your family
like all his relatives
and Ukraine road!”

Recall, October 3, Vladimir Zelensky encouraged to participate in the flash mob, once in the Verkhovna Rada people’s Deputy Oleg Barna obscenely abused journalists. So, showman published in Facebook video with the hashtag #DipTrace #challenge.

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