Zelensky has signed the law on the elimination of “sites Yatsenko”

Зеленский подписал закон о ликвидации "площадок Яценко"

Document eliminate schemes in the field of real estate valuation.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed a law introducing changes to the Tax code and eliminate the so-called platform Yatsenko (bill 2047-d).

Relevant information contains on the website of the Parliament.

The adopted document eliminates the need to enter information and receive it from an electronic database of evaluation reports on real estate with the help of paid email sites.

Determined that the owner of a unified electronic database of records is the state, represented by the SPF. To calculate the appraised value of the property the Fund will be able to use information sources with open access and data on the actual value of real estate transactions with real estate contained in the relevant registers.

Valuation will occur automatically on the basis of data about the property that are included in a single database.

The fee for the registration of the report on the assessment will establish in the amount of 10% of the subsistence minimum on 1 January of the year in which registration takes place. The formation of the certificate of appraised value of the property will be free.

On 12 December the Parliament unblocked the signing of the draft law 2047-d “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine on elimination of corruption schemes in the field of check information from evaluation reports of properties and transparency throughout the property.” Then the document was signed by the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov and he was sent to the President for signature.

The Verkhovna Rada on December 5, passed the bill that from 1 January 2020 introduces simplified method for the valuation of real estate, involving their automatic evaluation. In case of disagreement with the rating value which the module will detect automatically, citizens will be able to get it from an appraiser and to assess in a General manner with the registration report in a Single database, as provided by the current procedure, shows the text of the document.

While MPs has provided free access to the database for checking or entering data about real estate appraisal.

The so-called platform Yatsenko is an electronic platform which appeared in the year 2017, in the course of adopting the state budget for next year. One of the amendments to the Tax code provided for the emergence of intermediaries between appraisers and the state property Fund in the process of making the assessment report of real estate in a single database. So they received money for entering data into the database of the Fund.

According to some, monopolistom these sites is the people’s Deputy Anton Yatsenko.

We will remind, in the first reading for this document Rada voted on November 12. The Deputy Anton Yatsenko, who has repeatedly appeared in the media as “looking for sites”, called the most “not to turn the Parliament into a circus tent.”